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Fun, Fun, Fun

The Little Old Lady From Pasadena

Little Deuce Coupe

Long Tall Texan

In My Room

Monster Mash

Let's Go Trippin'


The Wanderer


Graduation Day

I Get Around

Johnny B. Goode

Album Information Songs Recorded On 1.8.64 At The Civic Auditorium In Sacramento, California
Produced By Brian Wilson
Enginereed By Chuck Britz
LP Originally Released On 19.10.64 By Capitol Records (Capitol TAO/STAO-2198) Charted 7.11.64 #1
The fans were so loud that the Beach Boys vocals were often drowned out to the point that before this album could be released, the group had to go back into the studio and re-recorded some of their vocals. The album is extensively overdubbed vocally (and two tracks, "Fun Fun Fun" and "I Get Around," are complete studio recreations). Fred Vail, who in 1963 was a local Sacramento disc-jockey and about to become concert promoter, it's his voice on Concert introducing the Beach Boys. At the show at which Concert was recorded, the Beach Boys did do many of their own songs (e.g. Don't Back Down, Be True To Your School, Surfer Girl) that didn't make the record.

"Sacramento Remote" is the original master tape of this album.

The initial attempt to record The Beach Boys in concert was made Dec. 21, 1963 in Sacramento. Those recordings apparently didn't turn out completely satisfactory, so the group's Aug. 1, 1964 shows were recorded and produced most of the CONCERT album. However, four tracks on the album are not from the 1964 shows -- "Little Deuce Coupe," "Long Tall Texan," "In My Room" and "Johnny B. Goode." The assumption is that they must be from the Dec. 1963 show, however the master tapes for those shows are missing, so there's no way to know for certain.

I also should mention that two of the tracks on the CONCERT album -- "I Get Around" and "Fun Fun Fun" -- are studio recreations and not live recordings at all.

Would I be correct in assuming that the "IGA" track on SOT Vol. 6 (ALL SUMMER LONG) is actually the CONCERT recreation session?
The answer is yes -- and no! All of the "IGA" sessions heard on SOT 6 were pulled from the tapes for the CONCERT project, but it's really not that simple.
When The Beach Boys went to re-create a live version of "IGA," they first recorded a live-in-the-studio version of the song. But after completing it, they rejected it and instead used the actual instrumental track for the hit version of "IGA" to build the released "live" version on CONCERT.
The "IGA" sessions on SOT 6 start with two tracks of rehearsals. Their origins are probably from the CONCERT recreation session. The next several tracks, which offer takes 4 through 14 of the instrumental track, ARE from the original 4/2/64 tracking session for the hit version of the song. (NOTE: Brian cut 15 takes of the track, but rearranged the song for the 15th take, thus you get the first 14 takes sounding similar to, but not quite exactly like the "IGA" we all know and love. Then, after achieving what he wanted in a basic track, Brian made various overdubs to Take 15.)
When reworking the CONCERT master tape, Brian actually cut the overdubbed 15th take out of the session master and spliced it into the CONCERT master tape. In its place on the 4/2/64 session master, he spliced in the live-in-the-studio version the group had recorded and rejected. This mess is what you hear on the last four "IGA" tracks on SOT 6.
Track 9, labeled "Track Only," is the instrumental portion of the final live-in-the-studio version that is spliced into the 4/2/64 session tape in place of Take 15. That's why the entire sound and tone changes at the end of the track -- that's the ending of the actual Take 15 that was left on the session tape.
Track 10, labeled "Vocal Overdub," is the entire (track and vocals) live-in-the-studio version that is spliced into the 4/2/64 session tape in place of Take 15. Again, at the end, you hear the ending of the actual Take 15 as left on the session tape.
Track 11, labeled "Instrumental Insert," is the actual overdubbed Take 15 as spliced into the CONCERT master tape. At the end, you can hear it splice into the fake concert-type ending that the group has recorded for its live-in-the-studio recreation.
Track 12, labeled "Stereo Mix," is Take 15 (as spliced into the CONCERT master tape) with new studio vocals the group recorded for the CONCERT album.

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