last updated 30.10.2003

1963 Bobby Rydell Surfin' USA
1963 Orlons Surfin'
1963 Bob Vaught & The Renegades Surfin' (Instr.)
1963 Lucky Blondo Dix Petits Indiens (frz.=Ten Little Indians)
1963 Los Mabers Noble Surfer (span.)
1963 Typhoons Surf City
1963 Hot Doggers Surfin' Safari
1963 Astronauts Surfin' USA
1963 Timers No-Go Showboat
1963 Hot Doggers Surfin' USA
1963 Gam's Attention! Accident (frz.=Shut Down)
1963 Jan & Dean Surfin'
1963 Jan & Dean Surfin' Safari
1963 Lionceaux Tu N'as Pas Le Temps (frz.=Little Deuce Coupe)
1963 Les Celibataires Ne Pleure Pas (frz.=Surfer Girl)
1963 Les Celibataires Surfing (frz.)
1963 Les Fingers Surfin' Safari
1963 Les Celibataires Surfin'
1963 The Lively Ones Surfin' Safari
1963 The Dovells Surfin' Safari
1964 Rod & The Cobras Surfin' Safari
1964 Jody Miller In My Room
1964 Knights I Get Around
1964 Rip Chords 409
1964 P. J. Proby Don't Worry Baby
1964 Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos 409
1964 Superstocks Little Honda
1964 Bruce & Terry Custom Machine
1964 Rip Chords Little Deuce Coupe
1964 Rackets Ten Little Indians
1964 Rod & The Cobras Surfin' USA
1964 Pat Boone Little Honda
1964 Surfaris Be True To Your School
1964 Surfaris Little Deuce Coupe
1964 Superstocks Surf Route 101
1964 Rip Chords Drag City
1964 Jan & Dean Little Deuce Coupe
1964 Hondells Little Honda
1964 Michel Paje Elle Aime Tout Sauf Moi (frz.=I Get Around)
1964 The Quads 409
1964 The Quads Shut Down
1964 The Quads Little Deuce Coupe
1964 Petula Clark J'ai Pas Le Temps (frz.=No-Go Showboat)
1964 The Catalinas Surfin' USA
1964 The Catalinas I Get Around
1964 Les Missiles Fume, Fume, Fume (frz.=Fun, Fun, Fun)
1964 Mama Betty's Band Eine Reise Nach New York (dt.=Fun, Fun, Fun)
1964 The Percy Faith Orchestra Sloop John B
1964 The Sentinals Surfer Girl
1964 The Trashmen Be True To Your School
1965 Basil Swift & The Seegrams Farmer's Daughter
1965 Buddies Little Honda
1965 Rincon Surfside Band Little Deuce Coupe
1965 Jay & The Americans Things Are Changing
1965 Annette Surfer Boy
1965 The Chipmunks California Girls
1965 Ivy League Don't Worry Baby
1965 Annette Surfin'
1965 Rincon Surfside Band Hawaii
1965 Brendan Bower & His Royal Show Band Waterford Fun, Fun, Fun
1965 Surfaris Dance, Dance, Dance
1965 Surfaris Don't Hurt My Little Sister
1965 Boomerangs Fun, Fun, Fun
1965 The Cousins Little Honda
1965 Keith Green Girl Don't Tell Me
1965 Orfino Aujourd' Hui On Se Marie (frz.=The Man With All The Toys)
1965 Orfino Aide-Moi (frz.=Help Me, Rhonda)
1965 Orfino Dans Tes Yeux (frz.=In My Room)
1965 Les Excentriques Fume, Fume, Fume (frz.= Fun, Fun, Fun)
1965 Michel Paje La Ronde Des Heures (frz.=When I Grow Up)
1965 Bruno Marchal Dans Tes Yeux (frz.= In My Room)
1965 Les Bretells Les Filles Du Soleil (frz.=Girls On The Beach)
1965 Les Nautiques Seule (frz.=Lonely Sea)
1966 Sugarbeats Ballad Of Ole Betsy
1966 Tony Rivers & The Castaways The Girl From New York City
1966 Fantastic Baggys You're So Good To Me
1966 Dino, Desi & Billy Girl Don't Tell Me
1966 Bobby Vee Here Today
1966 Hollyridge Strings Surfer Girl (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings Little Deuce Coupe (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings Be True To Your School (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings Help Me, Rhonda (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings California Girls (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings Dance, Dance, Dance (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings Wouldn't It Be Nice (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings God Only Knows (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings Good Vibrations (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings Caroline, No (Instr.)
1966 Hollyridge Strings Girl Don't Tell Me (Instr.)
1966 Robb Storms Here Today
1966 Ways & Means Little Deuce Coupe
1966 Dino, Desi & Billy Fun, Fun, Fun
1966 GTO's The Girl From New York City
1966 Summer Set Farmer's Daughter
1966 Fantastic Baggys Let Him Run Wild
1966 Peanuts I'm Waiting For The Day
1966 Tony Rivers & The Castaways God Only Knows
1966 The Factotums Here Today
1966 Tony Rivers & The Castaways Girl Don't Tell Me
1966 Tony Rivers & The Castaways Salt Lake City
1966 The Surfaris California Girls
1966 Fantastic Baggys Surfer Girl
1966 Michael Holm Kein Alibi (dt.=She Rides With Me)
1966 I Nomadi La Mia Liberta (it.=Girl Don't Tell Me)
1966 I Memphis Gli Amici Miei (it.=You're So Good To Me)
1966 Stone Les Framboises (frz.=You're So Good To Me)
1966 The Factotums You're So Good To Me
1966 The Factotums In My Room
1966 Lonnie Donegan I Wanna Go Home (Sloop John B)
1967 Sandy Salisburg On And On She Goes (=With Me Tonight)
1967 Surfsiders When I Grow Up
1967 Laughing Gravy Vegetables
1967 Exception The Girl From New York City
1967 Carmen McRae Don´t Talk
1967 Johnny Wells Guess I'm Dumb
1967 Murry Wilson The Warmth Of The Sun
1967 The Surfriders California Girls
1967 The Surfriders I Get Around
1967 The Surfriders Little Deuce Coupe
1967 The Surfriders 409
1967 The Surfriders Little Honda
1967 The Surfriders When I Grow Up
1967 The Surfriders The Warmth Of The Sun
1967 The Surfriders Surfin´
1967 The Surfriders Fun, Fun, Fun
1967 The Surfriders Help Me, Rhonda
1967 Andy Williams God Only Knows
1967 Floyd Cramer Good Vibrations
1967 Carmen McRae I Just Wasn´t Made For These Times
1968 Freshmen The Little Girl I Once Knew
1968 Wishful Thinking California Girls
1968 Wishful Thinking Vegetables
1968 P.P. Arnold God Only Knows
1968 Les Jelly Roll Sans Toi (frz.=With Me Tonight)
1968 Peggy March Aren´t You Glad
1968 Alan Copeland The Warmth Of The Sun
1968 The Paper Dolls Darlin´
1969 A Taste Of Honey God Only Knows
1969 A Taste Of Honey You're So Good To Me
1969 A Taste Of Honey Darlin'
1969 A Taste Of Honey Do It Again
1969 Roy Orbison Help Me, Rhonda
1969 Hugo Montenegro Good Vibrations
1969 Sagittarius In My Room
1969 Ronnie Aldrich Do It Again
1969 Nick DeCaro Caroline, No
1970 Tokens Don't Worry Baby
1971 Herb Alpert Darlin'
1972 Summer Wine Take A Load Off Your Feet
1972 American Spring This Whole World
1972 American Spring Forever
1972 Mama Cass Disney Girls
1972 Jan & Dean Vegetables
1972 Joey Heatherton God Only Knows
1973 Shadows Good Vibrations
1973 Chambers Brothers Good Vibrations
1973 Bryan Ferry Don't Worry Baby
1973 Carpenters Don't Worry Baby
1974 California Music Don't Worry Baby
1974 Raspberries God Only Knows
1974 Henson God Only Knows
1974 Olivia Newton-John God Only Knows
1974 Captain & Tennille Disney Girls
1974 Shy Disney Girls
1975 Papa Doo Run Run Disney Girls
1975 Art Garfunkel Disney Girls
1975 Captain & Tennille Cuddle Up
1975 Mike Post Wouldn't It Be Nice
1975 Anni-Frid Lyngstad Wouldn't It Be Nice
1975 Johnny Rivers Help Me, Rhonda
1975 David Cassidy Darlin'
1975 Shadows God Only Knows (Instr.)
1975 Keith Moon Don't Worry Baby
1975 The Troggs Good Vibrations
1975 Silver Blue Good Vibrations
1975 Persuasions Darlin'
1975 Keller & Webb Don't Worry Baby
1975 Captain & Tennille God Only Knows
1975 Brian Ferry Don't Worry Baby
1975 Martin Circus Bye-Bye Cherry (frz.=I Get Around)
1975 Au Bonheur Des Dames Quand Arrive L'ete (frz.=Surfin' USA)
1976 101 Strings Orchestra Darlin'
1976 101 Strings Orchestra Good Vibrations
1976 101 Strings Orchstra Wouldn't It Be Nice
1976 Little Joe Shaver Good Vibrations
1976 Little Joe Shaver & Devil Dog Be True To Your School
1976 Little Joe Shaver & Devil Dog Surfer Girl
1976 Nick De Caro Caroline, No
1976 Michael Crawford Disney Girls
1976 KGB Sail On Sailor
1976 Todd Rundgren Good Vibrations
1976 Adam Surf & The Pebble Beach Band Fun, Fun, Fun
1976 Tonics All Summer Long
1976 Chris White Surfin' USA
1976 Nazareth Wild Honey
1976 Bay City Rollers Don't Worry Baby
1976 Equipe 84 Sei Gia´ Di Un Altro (=Don´t Worry Baby)
1977 Neil Diamond God Only Knows
1977 Jack Jones God Only Knows
1977 P.K. & The Sound Explosion Good Vibrations
1977 Steve Hunter Sail On Sailor
1977 Melissa Manchster The Warmth Of The Sun
1977 Chris White Don't Worry Baby
1977 Marilyn Scott God Only Knows
1977 Helen Schneider Cuddle Up
1977 Glen Campbell God Only Knows
1977 Wildfire Break Away
1977 Jack Jones Disney Girls
1977 Yo La Tengo Little Honda
1977 Leif Garret Surfin' USA
1977 BJ Thomas Don't Worry Baby
1978 King's Singers Disney Girls
1978 Celebration It's OK
1978 Monaco God Only Knows
1979 John Denver & The Muppets Little Saint Nick
1979 Fancy Help Me, Rhonda
1979 London Symphony Orchestra God Only Knows (Instr.)
1979 Celebration Gettin' Hungry
1979 Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem Little St. Nick
1979 Bob McBride Sail On Sailor
1979 Cliff Richard End of the show (live)
1980 Bakersfield Boogie Boys I Get Around
1980 Ray Kennedy Sail On Sailor
1980 Yipes Darlin'
1980 Frank Schobel Good Vibrations
1981 Reels Here Today
1981 Gary Wilson Band Help Me, Rhonda
1981 Adrian Baker Don't Worry Baby
1981 Fleetwood Mac Farmer's Daughter
1981 Kirsty McColl You Still Believe In Me
1981 California Summer Fun Medley (Surfin´ USA/ Little Honda/ Catch A Wave/ Fun, Fun, Fun/ I Get Around/ Barbara Ann/ Dance, Dance, Dance/ Help Me, Rhonda/ Cal. Girls/ Good Vibrations)
1982 Harmony Beach The Little Girl I Once Knew
1982 Harmony Beach Please Let Me Wonder
1982 Harmony Beach Good Timin'
1982 Mathilde Santing Here Today
1983 Papa Doo Run Run Keepin' The Summer Alive
1983 Papa Doo Run Run Do It Again
1983 Mick Fleetwood & Billy Burnette Angel Come Home
1984 David Bowie God Only Knows
1984 Die Zwei 45 Boys On The Beach Pt. 1 + 2
1984 Lindsey Buckingham The D. W. Suite
1984 Tats Yamashita Girls On The Beach
1984 Tats Yamashita Please Let Me Wonder
1984 Tats Yamashita Darlin`
1984 Tats Yamashita Guess I`m Dumb
1985 Harvey & The Wallbangers Break Away
1985 Papa Doo Run Run I Get Around
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Wouldn't It Be Nice
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Don´t Worry Baby
1985 Papa Doo Run Run California Girls
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Help Me, Rhonda
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Surfer Girl
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Good Vibrations
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Fun, Fun, Fun
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Surfin´ USA
1985 Papa Doo Run Run The Warmth Of The Sun
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Let Him Run Wild
1985 Papa Doo Run Run In My Room
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Sloop John B
1985 Papa Doo Run Run God Only Knows
1985 Papa Doo Run Run Barbara Ann
1985 David Lee Roth California Girls (2 Versions)
1985 Twist Do It Again
1985 Bruce Springsteen When I Grow Up (live in Dublin, Ireland 1.6.1985)
1986 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Fun, Fun, Fun
1986 Cherry He's A Bum
1986 Cherry He Rides With Me
1986 Psychic TV Good Vibrations
1987 Nancy Dee Good Vibrations
1987 Wall Of Voodoo Do It Again
1987 Louis Phillipe Little Pad
1988 The Felt Be Still
1989 Devil Dogs Be True To Your School
1989 Tommy Keene Our Car Club
1990 Vacant Lot Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight
1990 Sonic Surf City Little Honda
1990 Das Damen Johnny Carson
1990 Dos Dragsters Pet Sounds
1990 Records Darlin'
1990 Mooseheart Faith Wind Chimes
1990 Nikki Sudden & The Mermaids Wonderful
1990 Nikki Sudden & The Mermaids Whistle In
1990 Sonic Youth I Know There's An Answer
1990 Justin Heyward & Mike Batt God Only Kows
1990 Judy Tzuke God Only Knows
1990 Sharky's Machine I Wanna Pick You Up
1990 The Telescopes Never Learn Not To Love
1990 Mikido Noda Disney Girls
1990 Mikido Noda God Only Knows
1990 Mikido Noda In My Room
1990 Mikido Noda Don´t Worry Baby
1991 Nina Hagen Good Vibrations
1991 Kirsty McColl Don't Go Near The Water
1991 Die Strandjungs Irgendwo (=Kokomo)
1991 Judy Tzuke God Only Knows
1991 Phranc Surfer Girl
1991 Phranc Surfer Girl
1992 Will Brison & The Shocking Shrinks Landy You Need Me
1992 Will Brison & The Shocking Shrinks Games Two Can Play
1992 King's Singers Good Vibrations
1992 Lush Lady (Fallin' In Love)
1992 Primal Scream Carry Me Home
1992 Big Ray It`s About Time
1992 Diesel Park West God Only Knows
1993 The Pearlfishers It's Over Now
1993 BMX Bandits Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby
1993 Darian Sahanaja Do You Have Any Regrets
1993 Darian Sahanaja I Wanna Pick You Up
1993 Elvis Costello God Only Knows (live)
1993 Shanon Knife Don't Hurt My Little Sister
1993 The Richies Dance, Dance, Dance
1993 Frank Black Hang On To Your Ego
1993 Medicine ´Til I Die
1993 Ian McNabb Caroline, No
1993 Acetone Don't Talk
1993 Baby Lemonade Windchimes/Wonderful
1994 Baby Lemonade Wind Chimes
1994 Baby Lemonade Wonderful
1994 Trygve Thue I Get Around
1994 Trygve Thue California Girls
1994 Trygve Thue In My Room
1994 Trygve Thue God Only Knows
1994 Trygve Thue Busy Doin' Nothin'
1994 Trygve Thue The Warmth Of The Sun
1994 Trygve Thue Do It Again
1994 Trygve Thue Help Me, Rhonda
1994 Trygve Thue Add Some Music To Your Day
1994 Trygve Thue Disney Girls
1994 Trygve Thue Cottonfields
1994 Trygve Thue Time To Get Alone
1994 Trygve Thue Fun, Fun, Fun
1994 Papa-O I Get Around
1994 Papa-O BB Surf Medley
1994 Cathedral City Project Good Vibrations
1994 Cathedral City Project Don´t Worry Baby
1994 Cathedral City Project Surfin´ Safari
1994 Cathedral City Project Surfin´ USA
1994 Cathedral City Project Surfer Girl
1994 Cathedral City Project Fun, Fun, Fun
1994 Linda Ronstadt Don´t Talk
1994 The Ramones Surf City
1994 The Ramones Surfin´ Safari
1994 Terry Hall God only knows
1994 Jimmy Nail Crocodile Shoes II (= Still I Dream Of It)
1994 Ant-Bee Do You Like Worms
1995 Manhattan Transfer God Only Knows
1995 Buffalo Tom In My Room
1995 The Move California Girls
1995 Queers Hawaii
1996 Golden Earring Sail On Sailor
1996 The Tielman Brothers In My Room
1996 Jimmy Nail Still I Dream Of It
1996 Blind Guardian Surfin´ USA
1996 Blind Guardian Barbara Ann
1996 Astro Chimp She´s My Summer Girl
1996 Queers Don´t Back Down
1996 Matthew Sweet A Day in the Life of a Tree (Honor-A Benefit For the Honor The Earth Campaign V.A. compilation)
1996 Outrageous Cherry Wonderful
1996 Fuzzy Girl Don't Tell Me (plus a remix single version)
1997 The Wilsons ´Til I Die
1997 Don Grusin Surfer Girl
1997 Clark Burroughs Group Can´t Wait Too Long
1997 Jeffrey Osborne Wouldn't It Be Nice
1997 Elements ´Til I Die
1997 Tim Weston & Shelby Flint The Warmth Of The Sun
1997 Larry Carlton I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
1997 Marilyn Scott In My Room
1997 Clark Burroughs Group I Went To Sleep
1997 Dori Caymmi Caroline no
1997 Eliane Elias Our Sweet Love / Friends
1997 Clark Burroughs Group Cabinessence
1997 Steve Kahn & Gabriela Anders Don´t Worry Baby ("No te Preocupes Nena")
1997 Yellowjackets God Only Knows
1997 Clark Burroughs Group Surf´s Up
1997 Vince Mendoza (feat. John Abercrombie) Don´t Talk
1997 Clark Burroughs Group ´Til I Die
1997 The Pearlfishers Let´s Put Our Hearts Together
1997 Duglas T. Stewart And Company Hey Little Tomboy
1997 Duglas T. Stewart And Company Tones, Tones #2
1997 The Chesterfield Kings Farmer´s Daughter
1997 The Chesterfield Kings Little Honda
1997 The Chesterfield Kings Our Car Club
1997 The Chesterfield Kings No-Go Showboat
1997 The Chesterfield Kings Custom Machine
1997 Philip Aaberg & Scott Mathews Warmth Of The Sun
1997 Philip Aaberg & Scott Mathews Surfer Girl
1998 Fred Simon Wouldn't It Be Nice
1998 Fred Simon Surfer Girl
1998 Fred Simon God Only Knows
1998 Fred Simon Wendy
1998 Fred Simon Don´t Worry Baby
1998 Fred Simon In My Room
1998 Fred Simon Girls On The Beach
1998 Fred Simon All Summer Long
1998 Fred Simon The Warmth Of The Sun
1998 Fred Simon Caroline No
2000 Eric Carmen Caroline No
2000 John Hunter Phillips Our Prayer
2000 John Hunter Phillips Do It Again
2000 John Hunter Phillips Wild Honey
2000 John Hunter Phillips One More Night Alone
2000 John Hunter Phillips Lahaina Aloha
2000 John Hunter Phillips Susie Cincinatti
2000 John Hunter Phillips God Only Knows
2000 John Hunter Phillips Somewhere Near Japan
2000 John Hunter Phillips I´m Waiting For The Day
2000 John Hunter Phillips Marcella
2000 John Hunter Phillips Keepin´ The Summer Alive
2000 John Hunter Phillips Lay Down Burden
2000 John Hunter Phillips Kiss Me, Baby
2000 John Hunter Phillips Roller Skating Child
2000 John Hunter Phillips Sail On Sailor
2000 Eugene Kelly Lady
2000 Alex Chilton I Wanna Pick You Up
2000 June & The Exit Wounds All I Wanna Do
2000 Katrina Mitchell & Bill Wells Wind Chimes
2000 The High Llamas Anna Lee The Healer
2000 Souvenir Ne Dis Pas (Girl Don't Tell Me - French Version)
2000 Duglas T. Stewart Lines
2000 Camping Busy Doin' Nothin'
2000 Stevie Jackson/ Belle & Sebastian Good Time
2000 The Free Design Endless Harmony
2000 The Pearlfishers Go Away Boy
2000 St. Etienne Stevie
2000 The Radio Sweethearts Honkin' Down The Highway
2000 Eric Matthews The Lonely Sea
2000 Kle Rainbow Eyes
2000 Chip Taylor & Evie Sands Let's Put Our Hearts Together
2000 Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra Pet Sounds
2000 Malcolm Ross Heroes & Villains
2000 Norman Blake/ Teenage Fanclub Only With You
2000 The Aluminum Group Caroline, No
2000 Jad Fair Do Ya
2000 The Secret Goldfish Big Sur
2000 David Ritchie Coalition Good Timin'
2000 Kim Fowley Almost Summer
2000 Christy McWilson ´Til I Die
2000 Beverly Antonale, The Ladybug Transistor Thoughts Of You
2000 Machine Never Learn Not To Love
2000 Jackie DeShannon Trader
2001 Gary Usher Caroline no
2001 Gary Usher You Still Believe In Me
2001 Gary Usher Busy Doin´ Nothin´
2001 Gary Usher Pet Sounds
2001 Gary Usher Fall Breaks And Back To Winter/ Good Vibrations/ Heroes And Villains
2001 Gary Usher The Warmth Of The Sun
2001 Gary Usher God Only Knows
2001 Gary Usher Please Let Me Wonder
2001 Gary Usher Friends
2001 Gary Usher In My Room
2001 Monkey´s Uncle Good Vibrations
2001 Monkey´s Uncle Vegetables
2001 Monkey´s Uncle She´s Goin´ Bald
2001 Monkey´s Uncle Wonderful
2001 David Thomas And Two Pale Boys Surf´s Up
2001 Vogues God Only Knows
2001 Josephine Wiggs Experience ´Til I Die
2002 Ed Harcourt Still I Dream Of It
2002 Nancy Sinatra California Girls
2002 Lulu & Sting Sail On Sailor
2002 Brian Gari Break Away
2002 Brian Gari The One You Can´t Have
2002 Brian Gari Guess I´m Dumb
2002 Brian Gari Good Time
2002 Brian Gari Dance Dance Dance
2002 Brian Gari Wonderful
2002 Brian Gari Drive In
2002 Brian Gari Busy Doin´ Nothin´
2002 Brian Gari All Dressed Up For School
2002 Brian Gari Thinkin´ ´Bout You Baby
2002 Brian Gari Your Summer Dream
2002 Brian Gari Don´t Back Down
2002 Brian Gari Summer Means New Love
2002 Brian Gari Had To Phone Ya
2002 Brian Gari Caroline no
2002 Tom Prasada-Rao & Amilia k Spicer Your Imagination (2 Versions)
2002 Phil Keaggy Good Vibrations (2 Versions)
2002 Sixpence None The Richer I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
2002 Aaron Sprinkle I Know There's An Answer/Hang On To Your Ego
2002 Randy Stonehill Love and Mercy
2002 Kevin Max & Jimmy A Help Me Rhonda
2002 Phil Madeira Heroes and Villains
2002 Kate Campbell Add Some Music To Your Day
2002 Doug Powell 'Til I Die
2002 Jason Harrod In My Room
2002 Dolour This Whole World
2002 Terry Taylor Vegetables
2002 Derrick Harris Don't Worry Baby
2002 Jan Krist Wouldn't It Be Nice
2002 Brooks Williams Pet Sounds
2002 Jane Kelly Williams Lay Down Burden
2002 Rick Altizer Surf's Up
2002 Frank Lenz & Richard Swift Caroline, No
2002 Lost Dogs With Me Tonight
2002 Jeff Elbel + Ping You Still Believe In Me
2002 Kate Miner God Only Knows
2002 Riki Michele Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
2002 Irwin Icon Sloop John B
2002 Harrod and Funck Brian Wilson's Room
2002 Justin Hayward God Only Knows
2002 The Bluetones Sail On Sailor
2002 Madeline Bell Beach Boys Medley
2002 Madeline Bell Sail On Sailor
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris Good Vibrations
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris Barbara Ann
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris I Get Around
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris Sloop John B
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris Help Me Rhonda
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris California Girls
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris Fun Fun Fun
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris Surfin' U.S.A.
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris Surfer Girl
2002 John B. & The Surfin´ Safaris Wouldn't It Be Nice
2002 Langley Schools Music Project Good Vibrations
2002 Langley Schools Music Project God Only Knows
2002 Langley Schools Music Project In My Room
2002 Langley Schools Music Project I Get Around
2002 Langley Schools Music Project Help Me, Rhonda
2002 Langley Schools Music Project You're So Good To Me
2003 Jimmy Buffett Sail On Sailor
2003 Holly Cole God Only Lnows
2003 Fource Wouldn't It Be Nice
??? The Flamin' Groovies Do It Again
??? John Hunter Phillips Slip On Through
??? Bobbidazzler Can't You See (=Slip On Through)
??? Michel Singers Disney Girls
??? Colin Cook Here She Comes
??? Michael Robinson Cuddle Up
??? Survivors Keepin' The Summer Alive
??? King Cousins God Only Knows
??? Joey Heatherington God Only Knows
??? Steve Douglas God Only Knows (Instr.)
??? Steve Douglas Caroline, No (Instr.)
??? Steve Douglas Good Vibrations
??? Sunshine Here Today
??? Tokens Good Vibrations
??? Paul Davies Darlin'
??? The Hondells Surfin' USA
??? The Surfbreakers I Get Around
??? The Buffoons You Still Believe In Me
??? The Clifters God Only Knows
??? Dinosaur Jr. When I Grow Up
??? The Variations The Man With All The Toys
??? Steff Hey Little Blondie (=Little Honda)
??? Wildfire Breakaway
??? BB5 Surfin´
??? BB5 Surfer Girl
??? Beach Combers Sloop John B
??? Peter Yates Round Surfin' USA
??? Leading Figures God Only Knows
??? Ronnie Aldrich California Girls
??? High On Pops California Girls
??? Les Girls Don´t Worry Baby
??? Steff Little Honda
??? Nautiques Little Miss America
??? Ron & Mel Surf City
??? Citizen´s Beach Boys Surfin´ (Medley of: I Get Around; Dance, Dance, Dance ; Little Honda ; California Girls)
??? Sagitarius In My Room
??? The Bystanders The Little Girl I Once Knew
??? Leif Garret California Girls
??? Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir California Girls
??? Supervillains California Girls
??? Tony Rivers Caroline No
??? Elton John (with the Beach Boys - unreleased) Cottonfields
??? Claudine Longet God Only Knows
??? Jars of Clay God Only Knows
??? The Queers God Only Knows
??? The Pixies Hang on to Your Ego
??? Roy Orbison Help Me Rhonda (live 1969)
??? Apples In Stereo Heroes And Villains
??? Pennywise I Get Around
??? The Rolling Stones I Get Around
??? Strandjungs Irgendwo (Kokomo German Version)
??? Bergen White It's Over Now
??? The Wiggles Little Children
??? Jerry Williams Little Honda
??? The Demonics Little Honda
??? The Queers Little Honda
??? Acoustix Little Saint Nick
??? Hanson Little Saint Nick
??? Sugar Ray & Wilson Sisters Little Saint Nick
??? Jeffrey Foskett Little Saint Nick
??? The Queers Salt Lake City
??? Rockapella Surfer Girl
??? Aaron Carter Surfin USA
??? Billy Joel Surfin USA (live)
??? Pennywise Surfin USA
??? Kyle Young The Night Was So Young
??? The Descendents Wendy
??? Michael Carpenter You're So Good To Me
??? Jeffrey Osborne Wouldn't It Be Nice
??? Cheeky Chaps Wouldn't It Be Nice
??? The Rubinos Wouldn't It Be Nice
??? Anne Sofie von Otter You Still Believe In Me
??? Huey Lewis And The News That's Not Me
??? Birdwatchers Don't Talk
??? David Garland Don't Talk
??? Hank Marvin Don't Talk
??? Ya Ya Don't Talk
??? Anne Sofie von Otter Don't Talk
??? Sean Macreavy Let's Go Away For Awhile
??? Taste Of Honey Sloop John B
??? Collin Raye Sloop John B
??? Clydesiders Sloop John B
??? Barry McGuire Sloop John B
??? Welsh Rugby All Stars Sloop John B
??? The Spinners Sloop John B
??? Sunday Palladium Songsters Sloop John B
??? Wild Honey God Only Knows
??? Teenage Fan Club God Only Knows
??? Portsmouth Sinfonia God Only Knows
??? New Edition God Only Knows
??? Nolans God Only Knows
??? State Of Mind God Only Knows
??? Gary Numan God Only Knows
??? Private Lives God Only Knows
??? Sounds Orchestral God Only Knows
??? Gary Gidman I Know There's An Answer
??? Lighting Seeds Here Today
??? 3D Here Today
??? MSG Here Today
??? Nick Walusko I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
??? David Garland I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
??? Timothy B. Schmit Caroline No
??? Sean Mcreavy Caroline No
??? Antony Thompson Caroline No
??? Sea Cruise Good Vibrations
??? Wild Honey Good Vibrations
??? Chris White Good Vibrations
??? Sean Macreavy Good Vibrations
??? Tony Rivers Good Vibrations
??? California Good Vibrations
??? JD Good Vibrations
??? London Philharmonic Orchestra Good Vibrations
??? Gary Usher Good Vibrations
??? The Beatles The Lonely Sea (unreleased)
??? The Wondermints Guess I'm Dumb
??? Dick Bright Surfer Girl
??? Les Nautiques The Lonely Sea
??? Nancy Sinatra In My Room
??? The MGM Strings The Little Girl I Once Knew
??? The Surf Symphony The Warmth Of The Sun
??? The In-Sect Help Me, Rhonda
??? Billy Mure Surfin' U.S.A.
??? Comoesta Yaegashi Pet Sounds
??? Takashima Masahiro Disney Girls
??? Studio Covers Band Still Cruisin'
??? TM Century Studio Surfin' U.S.A.
??? Don Costa Heroes And Villains
??? Mystery Studio Singer Caroline, No
??? Los Leos Amigos (Friends)
??? Hugh Masekela I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
??? The Skeletons How She Boogalooed It
??? R.P.O. God Only Knows
??? Players Pole Position Kokomo
??? Anita Kerr Good Vibrations
??? The Barron Knights California Girls
??? Frogs Of Summer Surfin' U.S.A.
??? Alex Ballard Good Vibrations
??? Ronnie Spector Don't Worry Baby
??? The Muppets Kokomo
??? The Muppets Surfin'
??? Paul Davis & Susan Collins Darlin
??? Bob McBride Sail On Sailor
??? Leading Figures God Only Knows