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1. The Girl From New York City
(1:54) [Brian Wilson]
Amusement Parks U.S.A.
(2:29) [Brian Wilson]
3. Then I Kissed Her
(2:15) [Phil Spector/Ellie Greenwich/Jeff Barry]
4. Salt Lake City
(2:00) [Brian Wilson]
5. Girl Don't Tell Me
(2:18) [Brian Wilson]
6. Help Me, Rhonda
(2:45) [Brian Wilson]
7. California Girls
(2:36) [Brian Wilson]
8. Let Him Run Wild
(2:20) [Brian Wilson]
9. You're So Good To Me
(2:13) [Brian Wilson]
10. Summer Means New Love
(1:58) [Brian Wilson]
11. I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man
(2:16) [Brian Wilson]
12. And Your Dream Comes True
(1:03) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]

California Girls b/w Let Him Run Wild (C 5464)
The Little Girl I Once Knew b/w There´s No Other (C 5540)

Production Infos:
Produced by Brian Wilson.
All songs recorded at Western Studios, Hollwood except Track 6 which was recorded at Universal/Radio Recorders Studios, Hollywood.
Originally Enginereed by Chuck Britz.

Album Infos:
Sherry She Needs Me was proposed to be included on the Summer Days album.

On the back of the "Summer Days" cover Brian says in his little write-up that Denny was supposed to sing a lead vocal on the album, but fell asleep in his trailer.... What song was that supposed to be?
I'm not sure it's even on the album. There is no indication that Dennis was supposed to sing any of the tracks that appear on the album. However, there are session sheets for an "untitled ballad" that was recorded 4/16/65, and the musicians listed as performing on the cut do not match up with any of the SUMMER DAYS tracks. So perhaps that was the song Dennis was supposed to sing. For those of you who are trivially obsessed, here's the data on that "untitled ballad." The basic track was cut at Westen the afternoon of the 16th with 12 musicians, including 4 saxes, a trumpet and vibes. Then, in the evening of the same day, a sweetening session was held with 16 players, including 8 violins, 2 cellos, 2 violas and an oboe. We know this track wasn't "Summer Means New Love" -- that was cut on May 12th (we have the session sheet for that). We know it wasn't "Let Him Run Wild" -- that was cut March 20th (not the 30th, as has been reported -- the date is on the tape box). And there's nothing else on SUMMER DAYS that comes even remotely close to that grouping of instruments.
And what the hell is up with the album? They leave Al off the cover because he was ill....couldn't they reschedule the photo shoot or just use a different picture?! And why couldn't they wake up Dennis??? Or just do his vocal later???
Ask Brian. I agree it makes no sense.- Brad

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