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1. Do It Again
(2:24) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]
2. I Can Hear Music
(2:37) [Barry/Greenwich/Spector]
3. Bluebirds Over The Mountain
(2:50) [Ersel Hickey]
4. Be With Me
(3:13) [Dennis Wilson]
5. All I Want To Do
(2:02) [Dennis Wilson]
6. The Nearest Faraway Place
(2:38) [Bruce Johnston]
7. Cotton Fields
(2:21) [Huddie Ledbetter]
8. I Went To Sleep
(1:36) [Brian Wilson/Carl Wilson]
9. Time To Get Alone
(2:40) [Brian Wilson]
10. Never Learn Not To Love
(2:31) [Dennis Wilson]
11. Our Prayer
(1:07) [Brian Wilson]
12. Cabinessence
(3:34) [Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks]

Do It Again b/w Wake The World (C 2239)
Bluebirds Over The Mountain b/w Never Learn Not To Love (C 2360)
I Can Hear Music b/w All I Want To Do (C 2432)
Break Away b/w Celebrate The News (C 2530)

Production Infos:
LP Was Recorded June Through November 1968 At I.D. Sound And Brian Wilson's Home Studio And Mixed At Capitol Records, excepted Song 11 And 12 Recorded On 10.66 At CBS And Gold Star.
Engineered By Larry Levine and Steve Desper.

Album Infos:
The title 20/20 refers to both the eye chart Brian's hiding behind on the inside of the gatefold cover and the fact that this was the Beach Boys 20th album for Capitol (including Best of The Beach Boys, Vol. 1,2 and 3 and Stack O´Tracks).
Brian did originally just one song for 20/20: I went alone, a song which was left over from the Friends period. The other Brian songs were nothing new. Time to get alone was already recorded by Redwood, Our Prayer and Cabin Essence were Smile leftover and the Cotton Fields version, Brian produced, was replaced by the BB version.

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