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1. Darlin'
(2:41) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]
2. Wouldn't It Be Nice
(1:52) [Brian Wilson/Tony Asher]
3. Sloop John B
(2:29) [Trad. Arr. Brian Wilson]
4. California Girls
(2:19) [Brian Wilson]
5. Do It Again
(2:46) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]
6. Wake The World
(2:25) [Brian Wilson/Alan Jardine]
7. Aren't You Glad
(3:09) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]
8. Bluebirds Over The Mountain
(2:53) [Ersel Hickey]
9. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring
(2:49) [Bobby Troup]
10. Good Vibrations
(4:35) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]
11. God Only Knows
(3:27) [Brian Wilson/Tony Asher]
12. Barbara Ann
(2:29) [Fred Fassert]

Singles: -

Production Infos:
Produced By Brian Wilson.
Songs Recorded On 1.12.68 At The Palladium In London, England.

Album Infos:
Live In London, as this album was originally titled, was first released in England (1970), Japan (1971) and in France, Holland and Germany (1972). As an indication of their lack of popularity in the early 70's at home, didn't come out in America until 1976, called Beach Boys '69. The LP was actually taken from several 1968 shows recorded at London's Palladium (1.12.). The incredible live shows they gave in the early 70's were a major part of their creative renaissance in America. The album was reportedly put out without the Beach Boys permission. The album is completely live without further studio overdubbs.

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