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1. Hot Fun In The Summertime
(3:29) [Sylvester Stewart]
2. Surfin'
(3:45) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]
3. Summer of Love
(2:50) [Mike Love/Terry Melcher]
4. Island Fever
(3:26) [Terry Melcher/Mike Love]
5. Still Surfin'
(4:03) [Mike Love/Terry Melcher]
6. Slow Summer Dancin' (One Summer Night)
(3:23) [Bruce Johnston/Danny Webb]
7. Strange Things Happen
(4:41) [Terry Melcher/Mike Love]
8. Remember "Walking In The Sand"
(3:30) [George Morton]
9. Lahaina Aloha
(3:44) [Terry Melcher/Mike Love]
10. Under The Boardwalk
(4:07) [Arthur Resnick/Kenny Young/Mike Love]
11. Summer In Paradise
(3:52) [Mike Love/Terry Melcher/Craig Fall]
12. Forever
(3:05) [Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson]
(featuring John Stamos)

Hot Fun In The Summertime
Under The Boardwalk

Production Infos:
Executive Producer Mike Love.
Engineered by Kevin Elson, Mike Mierua.
Recorded at Surfman Location Studios/ Melcher Studios Carmel, CA and Martha´s Vineyard, MA.

Album Infos:
The original cover artwork of the Summer In Paradise album by Robert Lyn Nelson sold for $75.000 in 1995.

Van Dyke Parks (why he'd played on this album):
"Because they paid me an inordinate amount of money". (accompanied by a huge grin)

The Summer In Paradise - live version on the promo single is from London, Wembley Arena, UK 29.6.1993.

Under The Boardwalk was released as a cd single.

Summer Of Love was released as a promo cd.

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