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1. Fun, Fun, Fun
(2:03) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]
2. Don't Worry Baby
(2:47) [Brian Wilson/Roger Christian]
3. In The Parkin' Lot
(2:01) [Brian Wilson/Roger Christian]
4. "Cassius" Love vs. "Sonny" Wilson
(3:29) [Mike Love/Brian Wilson]
5. The Warmth O
f The Sun
(2:53) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]
6. This Car O
f Mine
(1:36) [Brian Wilson/Mike Love]
7. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
(1:59) [F. Lymon/M. Levy]
8. Pom, Pom Play Girl
(1:30) [Brian Wilson/Gary Usher]
9. Keep An Eye On Summer
(2:21) [Brian Wilson/B. Norman]
10. Shut Down, Part II
(2:07) [Carl Wilson]
11. Louie, Louie
(2:17) [Richard Berry]
12. Denny's Drums
(1:56) [Dennis Wilson]

Fun, Fun, Fun b/w Why Do Fools Fall In Love (C 5118)

Production Infos:
Produced By Brian Wilson.
Songs Recorded At Western Studios, Hollywood.

Album Infos:
The album went gold. It was their first release in the face of 1964's Beatlemania. In 1963 Capitol released a compilation album of car songs by other groups using the Beach Boys single hit as the umbrella title song. Of course without their permission or knowledge. To avoid a name dublication they called their album Vol. II. Shut Down, Vol. I was never released by the Beach Boys.

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