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Slip On Through

This Whole World

Add Some Music To Your Day

Got To Know The Woman


It´s About Time

Tears In The Morning

All I Wanna Do


Our Sweet Love

At My Window

Cool, Cool Water

Album Information Songs Recorded At The Studios Of Brother Records
Chief Engineer And Mixer: Stephen W. Desper
Produced By The Beach Boys in 1970
Released 31.8.1970
First album name was Sunflower with the following track line up: Slip On Through ; Walkin´; Forever ; Games Two Can Play ; Add Some Music To Your Day ; When Girls Get Together ; Our Sweet Love ; Tears In The Morning ; Back Home ; Fallin´ In Love ; I Just Got My Pay ; Carnival ; Susie Cincinnati ; Good Time

The next name was Add Some Music. Track line up: Susie Cincinnati ; Good Time ; Our Sweet Love ; Tears In The Morning ; When Girls Get Together ; Slip On Through ; Add Some Music To Your Day ; Take A Load Off Your Feet ; This Whole World ; I Just Got My Pay ; At My Window ; Fallin´ In Love.

Next name was Landlocked. Track line up: Loop De Loop ; Susie Cincinnati ; San Miguel ; HELP Is On The Way ; Take A Load Off Your Feet ; Carnival ; I Just Got My Pay ; Good Time ; Big Sur ; Fallin´ In Love ; When Girls Get Together ; Good Time ; Lookin´ At Tommorow.

Other outtakes from this period include: I´m Going Your Way ; Rasperries ; Strawberries (a Kingston Trio cover) ; Where Is She.

Album Cover: The children were Matt Jardine, Christian and Hayley Love, Jonah Wilson on his fathers shoulders and Carnie Wilson with the pink bonnet.

Even without digging for the exact dates, that's a complicated question -- because what we know as SUNFLOWER actually stems from at least five different sets of recording sessions in 1969-70..

"Got to Know the Woman," "Forever," "All I Wanna Do" and "Deirdre" were recorded in February and March 1969 for the so-called "last Capitol album." (Also cut at this time were "Celebrate the News," "Loop de Loop" and "Break Away." "San Miguel" was cut a little earlier, in January.)

"Slip On Through" is from some sessions Dennis did in July 1969.

"At My Window," "This Whole World" and "Tears in the Morning" (except the strings and final lead vocal) were cut in November 1969 during the group's first non-Capitol sessions. (Also cut were "When Girls Get Together" and "Soulful Old Man Sunshine.")

"Our Sweet Love," "Add Some Music to Your Day" and the strings for "Tears" were cut in January and February 1970 during the sessions to complete the rejected ADD SOME MUSIC album. (Other tracks cut were "Susie Cincinnati," "I Just Got My Pay," "Lady," "Take a Load Off Your Feet" and "Good Time.")

"Cool Cool Water" was assembled, and "It's About Time" and a new lead vocal for "Tears" were cut in July 1970, when the group was reworking the ADD SOME MUSIC album into SUNFLOWER.

It lists four (!!) singles from Sunflower:

02/1970 Reprise #0894 Add Some Music to Your Day/Susie Cincinnati

08/1970 Reprise #0929 Slip on Through/This Whole World

11/1970 Reprise #0957 Tears in the Morning/It's About Time

02/1971 Reprise #0998 Cool, Cool Water/Forever

The single version of "Susie Cincinnati" is a different mix than that heard on the 15 BIG ONES album. Most noticeably, the car sounds are in a different place in the song. Interestingly, the mono promo single has yet another mix of the song -- the car sounds are different from either commercial release and the sound is much more compressed (presumably for AM radio).

The version of "Cool Cool Water" is a 3:23 edit -- much tighter than the 5:03 album track and, in my opinion, a better version. For those who don't have a copy of the single, the 3:23 edit was included on the Caribou TEN YEARS OF HARMONY package.

"Add Some Music to Your Day" reached #64 in Billboard. None of the others charted.

The European version of "Sunflower" (on EMI/Stateside) started with the single version of "Cottonfields".

In the nearly 20 years since I wrote "Surf's Up," I've learned a lot, including a few things about that first Reprise single.

You're right -- if you pick up a stock copy of "Add Some Music" b/w "Susie Cincinnati," you're going to find a version of the song that's very similar to what's on 15 BIG ONES. The car sounds ARE in the same location. (The 15BO version IS a remix of this track, just not a drastic one. There's a harsher edge to Alan's vocal and the entire song is more compressed. It also runs a few seconds shorter.)

But if you pick up a promo copy of "ASM" b/w "Susie," you'll find the very different mix that I described in my book. It's mono (the stock copies are all stereo), the car sounds occur right up front (rather than about 35 seconds in), and the track runs eight seconds longer than the version of 15BO.

In fact, for the completist, there are at least five different versions of that single to hunt for:

(1) White label promo single. Label and inner wax on "Susie" side indicate master number is N18243. Writer of "Susie" is listed as Alan Jardino (with an "o"). Track is heavily-compressed mono, runs 3:01, with car sounds heard at 0:01.

(2) White label promo single. Label on "Susie" side indicates master number is N18243, but inner wax shows "N18243-DJ-RE1," indicating a remastering. Writer of "Susie" is listed as Alan Jardine

(with an "e"). Track is mono (but less compressed), runs 3:01, with car sounds heard at 0:01. [This is the version heard on the APPETIZERS sampler album.]

(3) Stock single, with circular Reprise logo at top, with smaller square "W7" logo overlapping it. Label on "Susie" side indicates master number is N18243, but inner wax shows "N-18243-S," indicating stereo. Writer of "Susie" is listed as Alan Jardino (with an "o"). Track is stereo, runs 2:55, with car sounds heard at 0:35.

(4) Stock single, with square Reprise logo at top. Label and runout groove on "Susie" side indicate master number is N18243S, indicating stereo. Writer of "Susie" is listed as Alan Jardino (with an "o"). Track is stereo, runs 2:55, with car sounds heard at 0:35.

(5) Stock single, with square Reprise logo at top. Label on "Susie" side indicates master number is N18243S, but inner wax shows "N-18243-S-3"; both indicate stereo. Writer of "Susie" is listed as Alan Jardino (with an "o"). Track is stereo, runs 2:55, with car sounds heard at 0:35.

The 1974 "Child of Winter" single also used "Susie Cincinnati" as the B-side. The label lists the master as "N18243," while the inner wax shows "N18243-1A." This time, they got the writer's name correct -- Alan Jardine with an "e". But surprisingly, they used the less compressed mono master, rather than the stereo mix. It runs 3:01, with the car sounds at 0:01.

To the best of my knowledge, a stock single does not exist with the mono version of "Susie" on it. Nor am I aware of any release (promotional or stock) of a stereo version with the car sounds at 0:01 rather than 0:35. So, needless to say, I would be interested in hearing from anybody who has either of these "non-existent" versions.


The album was remastered (final time) on Aug. 12, 1970.

Things that has to be put right in Brad´s "Surf´s Up" book about the recording sessions during the Add Some Music/Sunflower period. The pages 281-282 point-by-point:

1. Second paragraph, page 281: "Four album titles exit for those two years. One, SUNFLOWER, is attached to two track lineups."

We know now that the title SUNFLOWER is attached only to the released album lineup.

2. Third paragraph, page 281: "In The Beach Boys' tape library is a 16-track master reel labeled SUNFLOWER, but which carries a linuep vastly different from the released album of the same name."

This was based upon the photo and caption on page 134 in David Leaf's book. He published a photo of the spine of what's labeled as "SUNFLOWER 16 Track Master Reel 1," and wrote, "SUNFLOWER originally had a different song alignment." Well, as it turns out, the album didn't have a different song alignment, because that tape is NOT a sequenced master tape for the album. Rather, it's one of two 16-track reels that Steve Desper assembled of all the material that was under consideration at one point for inclusion on SUNFLOWER. This wasn't known until just last year when Andrew Sandoval stumbled across "SUNFLOWER 16 Track Master Reel 2" in the BBs' tape vault.

3. First paragraph, page 282: "Eleven years later, Bruce Johnston admitted such an album [The Fading Rock Group Revival] never existed. 'That was just me, coming out with a silly title,' he said. 'That was just me being stupid.'"

Whether Bruce's title was just him being stupid or not, I don't know. But I do know that the album he described does actually exist. There are sequenced tapes for what's referred to as "The Last Capitol Album," and there are memos and paperwork relating to a contact settlement between Capitol and The Beach Boys requiring its delivery by June 1, 1970. It wasn't delivered, of course; it appears Capitol got LIVE IN LONDON instead. But the album did exist.

4. Fourth paragraph, page 282: "Found in the group's tape library is a reel labeled only as the "second" Brother Records album. The reel's lineup is a mix of songs not included on the released SUNFLOWER and apparently post-SUNFLOWER recordings: [list of songs snipped]"

Left off the list of songs was the 13th and final track on the reel, an incomplete 2:31 version of "Til I Die" (essentially the released version with some vocals missing).

5. Sixth paragraph, page 282: "Besides those unreleased songs already mentioned, out-takes from the SUNFLOWER period include ... a pretty circular ditty, 'We're Together Again.'"

"We're Together Again" has since been dated to the summer and early fall of 1968.


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