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Surfer Girl

Catch A Wave

The Surfer Moon

South Bay Surfer

The Rocking Surfer

Little Deuce Coupe

In My Room


Surfers Rule

Our Car Club

Your Summer Dream

Boogie Woodie

Album Information Produced By Brian Wilson
All songs recorded at Western Studios
Originally released on Capitol Records 16.9.1963 as Capitol ST-1981
Charted 12.10.1963 #7
It was the first album with the credit "Produced by Brian Wilson".

Mike´s sister Maureen plays harp on Catch A Wave and In My Room.

Where Gaines screwed up in his book was in attributing the song "Surfer Girl" as being sung by Brian and his friends. "Surfer Girl" the song definitely was sung by the Beach Boys. However, parts of SURFER GIRL the album apparently were sung by Brian and his friends. This was during the short period when the touring group included both David Marks and Alan Jardine, while Brian stayed home. According to Rich Alarian, a high school friend of Brian's and a member of the Survivors, he and Bob Norberg were recruited by Brian to add backing vocals to four or five songs to finish the SURFER GIRL album while the rest of the Beach Boys were on the road.

In a 1983 interview, Alarian told Brad Elliott: "That SURFER GIRL album was done when they were in New York, when the group was in New York. At least half of that album was done at Gold Star Recording Studios while the guys were in New York, because they had a deadline to get the record out and the guys weren't here. We went in and matched the Beach Boys' sound."

There is, in fact, some evidence in the way of session documentation to support Alarian's claim.

Unfortunately we don´t know which songs. There is simply a session vaguely documented as "overdubs for Surfer Girl LP." And there's no way to tell from the session tapes, as those are long missing. So we may never know.

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