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Sail On Sailor


California Saga / The Beaks Of Eagles

California Saga / Big Sur

California Saga / California


Leaving This Town

Only With You

Funky Pretty

Extra Single: Mount Vernon And Fairway

Album Information Produced By The Beach Boys in 1972 #37
Engineer Stephen Moffitt
Recorded In Baambrugge, Holland
Management Tom Hulett
A lyricsheet was add to the album.

Officially, "We Got Love" was dropped from the album's lineup well before release and replaced by "Sail On Sailor." Unfortunately, copies of the album master tape with "We Got Love" already had been sent out to several overseas Warner Bros. affiliates. Corrected master tapes followed quickly thereafter, but in Germany, for some reason, there was a mixup when the album was sent to the pressing plant, and the first several hundred copies were pressed from the wrong master tape and shipped to stores. I've heard that 600 copies got out before the mistake was caught, but I don't know if that number is even close to accurate. I do know that there sure don't seem to be 600 copies in circulation in fandom!

Out In The Country
It's actually a "Holland" outtake...mislabled by the bootleggers.

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