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Little Deuce Coupe

Ballad Of Ole´ Betsy

Be True To Your School

Car Crazy Cutie

Cherry, Cherry Coupe


Shut Down

Spirit Of America

Our Car Club

No-Go Showboat

A Young Man Is Gone

Custom Machine

Album Information Produced By Brian Wilson
All songs recorded at Western Studios
LP Originally Released On 7.10.63 By Capitol Records (T & ST-1998)
Charted 9.11.63 #4
Originally Enginereed By Chuck Britz
Brian always liked cars. Brian often worked with a lyricist, and for 1963 and early 1964 it was L.A. disc-jockey Roger Christian. This was the last Beach Boys album on which David Marks was pictured. However, even though Al Jardine isn't present in the back cover group photo, he had already returned to the Beach Boys as a member of the touring group, and he played on this album.

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