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Rock And Roll Music

It's OK

Had To Phone Ya

Chapel Of Love

Everyone's In Love With You

Talk To Me

That Same Song

T M Song

Palisades Park

Susie Cincinnati

A Casual Look

Blueberry Hill

Back Home

In The Still Of The Night

Just Once In My Life

Album Information Produced By Brian Wilson in 1976
Recorded And Mixed At Brother Studio, Santa Monica, California
Engineered By Stephen Moffitt And Earle Mankey.
Basic Track Recorded At Western Recorders, Engineered By Chuck Britz, except Susie Cincinnati, which was recorded at Brian Wilson's house
Management Tom Hulett
It was planned that the album only should contained oldies.

"You're Riding High on the Music", "Lucy Jones" (B. Wilson/ S. Kalinich) or the Beach Boys cover of Van Dyke's 1966 debut "Come to the Sunshine":
"You're Riding High on the Music" and "Lucy Jones" may never have been recorded, as there are no tapes on them anywhere. The only other possibility is that they were laid down in rough form at Caribou Ranch in 1974-75 and the tapes lost in the fire that took out that studio some yearslater, but there is no real evidence (as there is with several other songs) that they were cut there.
As for "Come to the Sunshine," I can confirm that it was recorded, but the tapes are missing. I know the multi-track master for the song was held hostage by a studio owner in a mid-70s dispute with the Beach Boys (apparently over payment), and all trace of it seems to have disappeared in the years since. I also have been able to establish that the Beach Boys had a tape of some kind of mixdown on the song, but unfortunately it's not in their tape vault now and no one seems to know where it might have ended up.

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