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Hot Fun In The Summertime


Summer Of Love

Island Fever

Still Surfin´

Slow Summer Dancin´ (One Summer Night)

Strange Things Happen

Remember "Walking In The Sand"

Lahaina Aloha

Under The Boardwalk

Summer In Paradise


Album Information Engineered by Kevin Elson, Mike Mierua
Recorded at Surfman Location Studios/ Melcher Studios Carmel, CA and Martha´s Vineyard, MA
Executive Producer Mike Love
Album Did Not Chart
The original cover artwork of the Summer In Paradise album by Robert Lyn Nelson sold for $75.000 in 1995.

Van Dyke Parks (why he'd played on this album):
"Because they paid me an inordinate amount of money". (accompanied by a huge grin)

The Summer In Paradise - live version on the promo single is from London, Wembley Arena, UK 29.6.1993.

Under The Boardwalk was released as a cd single.

Summer Of Love was released as a promo cd.

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