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Hully Gully

I Should Have Known Better

Tell Me Why


Mountain Of Love

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

Devoted To You

Alley Oop

There's No Other (Like My Baby)

Medley: I Get Around / Little Deuce Coupe

The Times Are A-Changin'

Barbara Ann

Album Information LP Released On 1.11.65 (Capitol DMAS-2398)
Charted 27.11.65 #6
Enginereed By Chuck Britz
All Songs Were Recorded On The Following Dates: 8.9./14.9./ 15.9./23.9.65
The Beach Boys - joined in the pictures and on the sound effects track by their wives, girlfriends, cousins and friends to make it look like there really was a party - spent a few days in Western Studio #2, singing some of their favorite songs of the fifties and sixties. Party was no more than a pit stop on the way to Pet Sounds. Party's instrumentation, with the exception of a bass guitar, was all acoustic.

The "party noises" overdub session was after the actual recording of the tracks.

On the Party cover and the accompanying cards, you can spot Lynda Jardine, Marilyn Wilson, and Carole Wilson (Dennis' first wife), also Bruce Johnston in the volleyball shots. The girl with Carl is definitely NOT Annie.

According to the session sheets, the instrumental players on the PARTY tracks were Alan, Bruce, Brian, Carl, Dennis and Hal (credited as session leader at all the sessions). The session sheets don't detail the instrument breakdown, but it appears to be Brian (piano), Carl (guitar), Alan (guitar), Bruce (bass -- heard occasionally), Dennis (percussion) and Hal (percussion, harmonica).

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