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Wouldn't It Be Nice

You Still Believe In Me

That's Not Me

Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

I'm Waiting For The Day

Let's Go Away For Awhile

Sloop John B

God Only Knows

I Know There's An Answer

Here Today

I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

Pet Sounds

Caroline, No

Album Information Produced By Brian Wilson
LP Originally Released On 16.5.66 (Capitol T-2458)
Charted 28.5.66 #10
Back cover photos are from the BB Japan tour in late 1965.

While Asher insists that there wasn´t a premeditaded concept to the lyrics, if one looks, it´s possible to find a story on Pet Sounds. The story of Brian´s search for love and acceptance. It begins with hope and love (Wouldn´t It Be Nice), recognizes that earthbound love is imperfect (I´m Waiting For The Day), acknowledges the divine spirit (in God Only Knows), searches for a solution (I Know There´s An Answer), bemoans the tenuous nature of love (Here Today), accepts that he´s a human anomaly (I Just Wasn´t Made For These Times) and ends with a loss of innocence (Caroline, No). Along the way there are happy moments (Don´t Talk), never-before dreamed of possibilities (You Still Believe In Me) and fantasy escapes (Let´s Go Away For Awhile).

Brian: In December of 1965 I heard the album Rubber Soul by the Beatles. I immediately went to work on the songs for Pet Sounds. I called in a collaborator named Tony Asher and we spent two months working on and off together. In January I started making the instrumental tracks for the album. I definitely felt the need to compete with the Beatles. I did most of the singing on Pet Sounds because I needed to directly express my feelings to people. Caroline, No was my favorite on this album.

The album was to be called "Remember The Zoo?". But Brian became unhappy with the lyrics (all his; he wanted a more adult feeling). Therefore he reworked the backing tracks and then he called Tony Asher to help him with the lyrics.

The album cover showing Brian´s two dogs Banana and Louie.

*** The further informations are not for sure. There are many doubts around these infos to be true. But here they are:

The concept for Remember The Zoo? surfaced during the 1964 Today sessions. In the Back Of My Mind was not intended to appear on Today, but in a different way for Remember The Zoo?. Also: Let Him Run Wild, The Little Girl I Once Knew, Trombone Dixie, Pet Sounds and I´m Waiting For The Day.

Also earmarked for inclusion was I´m In Great Shape (part of the song appeared in He Couldn´t Get His Poor Old Body To Move) which Brian also called Friday Night.

Another song was Teeter-Totter Love that Brian later re-recorded with Jasper Dailey.

And the last one that was going to appear on the album was Summer Means New Love (aka Heartbeat).

The Pet Sounds Sessions Box Set has sold 23,582 units.

The only truly BW solo tracks on PET SOUNDS are "Caroline No" and "Don't Talk." There are BBs on all of the other tracks to some degree.

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