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Heroes And Villains


Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)

She's Goin' Bald

Little Pad

Good Vibrations

With Me Tonight

Wind Chimes

Gettin' Hungry


Whistle In

Album Information Produced By The Beach Boys
Enginereed By Jim Lockert And Chuck Britz
Originally Released On 5.9.67 (Brother T-9001)
Charted 30.9.67 #41
Songs Recorded At United Western Studios, Goldstar Studios, CBS Studios And Brian Wilson's Home Studio
When Brian said he wouldn´t go to the studio, they built a studio in his living room.
When the BB arrived in London in November 1966, the reaction was posively Beatlemaniacal. As one English newspaper headline trumpted "The Beatles´ only real rivals come to Britain and take London airport by surprise".
In 1966, predating the Beatles´ Apple Records by a year, hotshot record industry executive David Anderle was formulating Brother Records, the BB own label.
The album was tentatively titled "Dumb Angel" and then renamed "Smile".
In December 1966, they edged out the Beatles as the top vocal group in a year-end fan poll conducted by "New Musical Express", a major British rock magazine.
In March 1967, the BB sued Capitol Records (a royalty dispute).
In May 1967, Brian abandoned Smile. The time of this decision (only weeks before the released of the Beatles´ production masterwork "Sgt. Pepper") was hardly coincidental. Instinctively, Brian must have known that time had run out, that he´d "lost" his elf-defined "production race" with the Beatles - a battle that, prior to Christmas 1966, Brian seemed to have "in the bag".
The rock aristocracy who heard Smile at the time said it was incredible.
Smile became the most famous unreleased album in rock history. By the time Smiley Smile was released in September of 1967, the BB had become cultural dinosaurs. And it happened almost overnight.

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