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Don't Go Near The Water

Long Promised Road

Take A Load Off Your Feet

Disney Girls (1957)

Student Demonstration Time (Based on "Riot in Cell Block No. 9)

Feel Flows

Lookin' At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)

A Day In The Life Of A Tree

'Til I Die

Surf's Up

Album Information Produced By The Beach Boys in 1971 #29
Chief Engineer And Mixer: Stephen W. Desper
The first title for the album was Landlocked.

the Dennis Wilson song "4th of July" was left off the "Surfs Up" Beach Boys album.
According to the group's then-manager Jack Rieley, the reason that no Dennis songs were included on SURF'S UP was two-fold. First, there was some political infighting going on within the group at the time, and Dennis' songs were sacrificed to maintain harmony and prevent SU from being an almost completely "Wilson" album. Second, the reason Dennis was willing to have his songs left off SU is because he was working seriously on a solo album at the time and thought he would use the songs on it.

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