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Brian Douglas Wilson

Born 20.6.1942
Centinela Hospital, Inglewood, L.A.
brown hair ; blue eyes; 188 cm


Murry and Audree Wilson



Marital Status and Children:

Marilyn Sandra Rovell
Wedding: 7.12.1964
Divorce: 1979

Marilyn's wedding with Daniel Rutherford Oct. 20 2000 in Palm Springs, CA. was held at the Ritz Carlton. In attendance were Al Jardine, Carl's sons Justin and Jonah. Dennis's son Carl, Dean Torrance, P.F. Sloan, and Michelle Philips. Carnie and Wendy Wilson walked their mother to the altar. A very emotional ceremony for many as the groom wished that Carl and Dennis could be there to share in the celebration. One of the many highlights of the reception was the spontaneous performance by The Honeys. Marilyn, Diane and Ginger sounded fantastic as they belted out Swannee River Surfer Boy. Brian and Mike Love were invited, but no showed.


Carnie, *29.4.1968
Wendy, *16.10.1969

Wendy has married the weekend of 25 May 2002 with Brian and Melinda in attendance.

Melinda Ledbetter, *1947/48
Wedding: 6.2.1995 in Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Wedding: Carnie & Wendy sang "God Only Knows". Carl was "Best Man". The reception was held at the Hotel Bel Air.


Daria Rose *10.11.1996 (adopted)
Delanie Rae, *9.1.1998 (adopted)
Dylan Douglas, *ca. 2004 (adopted)

Daria and Delanie were born to the same mother.

Brian was owner of the Health-Food Shop "Radiant Radish" from summer 1969 till July 1970. Participators were Arnie Geller, roadmanager of the BB, and cousin Steve Korthoff.

Brian liked Bruce´ Disney Girls a lot.

Brian didn´t go to his dad´s funeral.

Brian has a grand piano in Los Angeles, a refurbished 1880's oak upright, a tack piano, an electronic keyboard and the old family organ Murry bought in 1949. In Chicago, he has a grand piano in the house and another down in the studio. A Hammond B-3 is also in the studio.

Brian first had a monkey for a couple of time before he gave him away and bought two dogs, Banana and Louie around summer of 1965.

1968 took Brian for the first time kokain.

Brian's first girlfriend was Judy Bowles. They met in the Little League, where Judy's younger brother played.

Mount Vernon & Fairway 1997