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Michael Edward Love

Born 15.3.1941
blond hair; blue eyes; 185 cm


Milton and Emily Glee Wilson.

They had 6 children.



Marital Status and Children:

Frances St. Martin
Wedding: 4.1.1961
Divorce: 4.3.1963

Melinda, *15.7.1961
Teresa, *2.12.1962

Suzanne Celeste Belcher, *1947 in California
Wedding: 15.10.1965 in Las Vegas
Divorce: 24.12.1968


Hayleigh, *27.12.1966
Christian, *23.5.1968

Tamara Fitch
Wedding: January 1972
Divorce: 1977


Summer, *1973

Cathy Linda Martinez
Wedding: 17.9.1981 in Santa Barbara
Divorce: 1982

Jaqueline Piesen
Wedding: 24.4.1994 in Incline Village, NV


Brian Edward Alan, *8.8.1988
Ambha Leila Lakshmi, *4.1.1996 in Lake Tahoe, NV

He never married Sumako Kelly, never married Sue Oliver/Damon, never married Sharon Lee.

Son Michael Edward II *19.2.1971 !! another source says he was born in April 1982 !!

Daughter Shawn (from an affair with Shannon Harris *Dec. 1964)

Shawn Love has passed away September 2003 and the National Enquirer has a story on the subject slamming Mike Love.
Quoting the article, " 'He can save my life and at last show me he cares about me' Shawn told (her friend Barbara). For 20 years, right up to her death, she begged him to pay for a liver transplant, but he refused. His heart had turned to stone." On October 8 Love admitted to THE ENQUIRER that he was contacted by his daughter for help- but it was too late!"

Gage has been reunited with his brothers in LA, so he is with his family now, and apparently his maternal grandmother is with him as well.

According to Gaines, daughter Melinda was born in 1959, but White gives a more realistic date of July 15, 1961). Both authors report that when Mike learned of her pregnancy, he wanted to take Frances to Mexico for an abortion, but Frances' mom went to Mike's parents and arranged a "shotgun" marriage. Mike's mom threw him out of the house, literally tossing his belongings from the second-story balcony. "That night traumatized Mike forever", according to his brother Steve. The couple had a second daughter, Teresa, born around December of '62. Like so many other young wedded couples, their marriage ended (in 1963 with the divorce becoming final May 22, 1964) amid a mountain of financial troubles (Frances also claimed Mike was sometimes abusive).

In the interim between his first two marriages, Mike faced a paternity suit from former secretary Shannon Harris, then 20, who claimed she and Mike celebrated the one-year anniversary of their March 25, 1963 meeting with a "romantic interlude" that resulted in Shannon's pregnancy. Her daughter, Shawn, was three months old when the suit was filed on March 25th of 1965.
Mike's attorney admitted a romantic relationship had occurred but denied Mike's fatherhood, but eventually Mike settled with support payments and Shawn's right to use the name Love upon her eighteenth birthday. Of course, by that time Shawn had given birth to Dennis Wilson's son Gage; Shawn and Dennis were married July 28, 1983, but were seperated and filing for divorce when he drowned exactly five months later.

According to Gaines, Suzanne Celeste Belcher was a friend of Mike's then-girlfriend Pam Rexroad. Pam had invited 17-year old Suzanne to a "Beach Boys Party!" recording session, and Mike began hitting her up for her phone number, which she refused - she had a boyfriend in the National Guard. She finally agreed to join Mike for a luncheon with the Beach Boys' booking agent in hopes of getting a job at the William Morris Agency. No job was offerred, but Mike was so charming that she accompanied him on a drive to Malibu to look for some property for him to buy. At the end of their date, he bought her a gift - a carton of cigarettes. Gaines' book doesn't say if he threw in nylons and chocolate... Ironically, he later supposedly beat up Suzanne over her smoking. According to White, the original draft of the final lyrics to "Good Vibrations" are in Suzanne's hand, as Mike dictated them to her in the car on the way to the studio. She reportedly became heavily involved in LSD and was witnessed having conversations with the devil while tripping (she later passed these off as a case of indigestion). While she and Mike were seperated she allegedly had an affair with Dennis Wilson, to which Bruce Johnston testified at the court hearing that awarded Mike custody of their two children.

Mike met his third wife Tamara through his association with TM and although the exact date of their marriage is not supplied, we do know they were already married during the group's excursion to Holland in June of '72. Tamara is probably the woman seen kissing Mike before he boards the twin-seat prop plane in the 1976 NBC-TV special. They had one daughter together, Summer, and the marriage did indeed end around 1977.
According to former Beach Boys employee Rick Nelson, quoted in David Leaf's book, Mike had a girlfriend who was killed in a car accident toward the end of his six-month meditation retreat in Switzerland (the first half of 1977). This supposedly explained Mike's "freaking out" onstage at the CBS convention in London in July of that year (where Mike blew up at Brian and reportedly pushed his piano).

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Cathy Linda Martinez was a "part-time print model" who met Mike at one of the Beach Boys' "infamous Lake Tahoe engagements". They were married in a Santa Barbara ceremony officiated by mail-order minister Wolfman Jack. Following the ceremony, for which none of the Wilson brothers were present, the happy couple departed for a honeymoon in Acapulco, returning a week later on the Love Boat. One son: Michael Edward Love II. The marriage was over in a year's time.

"Mike Love has been a longtime supporter of environmental causes and was among speakers at the Earth Summit in Rio DeJaniero in 1992 and Earth Day 2000 on the Mall in Washington, D.C. He created the Love Foundation, which supports national environmental and educational initiatives. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Incline Academy in Incline Village, Nevada, and has been responsible for raising over $1 million to benefit the school."

"The Beach Boys still tour and give generously to charities such as Project Teach, The Love Foundation and the New England Home for Little Wanderers, she [Patricia Ferrelli, President of the Mike Love Fan Club] added."

Mike Love came from a black school in L.A.,Dorsey High. He also worked at his fathers machine shop when he was about 18.

Mike has three homes (one on Maui, Hawaii and one at Lake Tahoe)

Mount Vernon & Fairway 1997