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Carl Dean Wilson

Born 21.12.1946 in Hawthorne, L.A.
Died 6.2.1998
brown hair; blue eyes; 177 cm


Murry and Audree Wilson



Marital Status and Children:

Annie Hinsche, *27.12.1949 in Manila, Philippines
Wedding: 3.2.1966 in the LA Registry
Divorce: 1980

Annie is the sister of tourbandmember Billy (born 29.6.1951 in Manila)


Jonah, *22.3.1969
Justin, *18.10.1971

Jonah is a real estate salesman.

Gina Martin
Wedding: 8.11.1987 in Las Vegas

No children

Carl lived outside of Nederland, next to Boulder, CO. Jim Guercio's Caribou Ranch was there as well.

At one point he lived on the Caribou Ranch property, but then moved to his own place nearby (with a spectacular view of Rocky Mountain National Park, if you have the *American Band* video). Closest well-known town is Boulder, but Carl lived further up in the mountains, well behind the Front Range.

April 5, 1981 Carl Wilson begins his Solo Tour

1969 Beach Boy Carl Wilson was indicted in Los Angeles after failing to work as a hospital orderly in lieu of his military drafting. (source: Associated Press)

The name (first and last) of Carl's personal limo driver in the mid-70s was ELLIOTT LOTT. A man as good as they get, Elliott Lott is today President of Brother Records, and has been a part of the Beach Boys organization for over 25 years.

Carl's first car was a PONTIAC GRAND PRIX. Carl was very proud of his blue, 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix. Sadly, on the way home from the dealership on the day he purchased the car, he was broadsided at an intersection near his home in Hawthorne, and the car was wrecked!

Carl's first electric guitar, rented while his parents were on vacation, was a RICKENBACKER. This Rickenbaker was easy for band members to recall because of it's distinctive green color! In later years, Carl often played a 12-string Rickenbacker 360 during his Beach Boys performances.

Carl owned both and Aston Martin DB5 and a green Bentley in the mid-1960's. The white Bentley seen with Carl behind the wheel in the movie BEACH BOYS - AN AMERICAN BAND, was actually owned by his wife, Annie. Contrary to stories implied in various publications, Carl's family says he never owned a Rolls Royce during that time.

The name of Carl's pet Samoyed was SHANNON. Several stories have circulated and have been printed about Carl's dog, Shannon, being the inspiration for Henry Gross' classic hit of the 1970's. From what family members can recall, and an interview with Gross himself, it seems that Carl and Henry became aquainted and were surprised to discover that each were the owners of dogs named Shannon, Carl's being a Samoyed, and Henry's an Irish Setter. Carl's Shannon was later hit by a car and killed, the Wilson family mourned their loss, and Gross penned the song that was to become a classic.

The nickname given Carl's vintage, prototype Fender Stratocaster that Carl used as his primary guitar on his solo tours was OLD YELLER. Carl referred to this guitar as Old Yeller because of it's distinctive color and faithful performance quality.

Carl Wilson and the rest of the Beach Boys were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. The ceremony and celebration took place in New York in January of 1988, but the inductees were officially named for the "class of 1987". Other inductees that night included The Beatles, The Supremes, Bob Dylan, The Drifters, Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, Motown founder Berry Gordy, and guitar innovator Les Paul.

The preferred cologne of Carl Wilson in recent years was AU SAVAGE. Sometimes the subject of onstage ribbing because of the scent, Carl acknowledged the brand to anyone who asked. We thought this one was a toughie, but a surprising number of fans remembered this!

Carl definitely had preferences for Italian food, steak, sushi and others.

As advertised in a nationwide promotion, Carl's favorite brand of slippers were J.P. TOD. This advertising campaign featured various recording artists and other celebrities touting the comfort of this company's footwear. Carl often wore his moccasin style slippers onstage.

In the Beach Boys, Carl's very first lead vocal was on POM POM PLAYGIRL. The instrumental track was recorded on January 20, 1964, with vocals added sometime during the next 30 days. The completed song was turned into Capitol on Febuary 20, 1964, and subsequently released on the album SHUT DOWN VOL. 2. (Although contrary to David Leaf's liner notes to the SURFER GIRL/SHUT DOWN VOL. 2 two-fer CD, this information has been confirmed by multiple sources directly involved with the original project.)

The very first song Carl ever wrote for the Beach Boys was BEACH BOYS STOMP (aka KARATE). Recorded on Feruary 8, 1962 at World Pacific Studios under the direction of Hite Morgan, this track was shelved when the group's first label, Candix, encountered financial problems. It was not released until seven years later, first on THE BEACH BOYS' BIGGEST BEACH HITS on the Era label, then on countless budget-priced reissues over the years of the Morgan-produced tracks.

The first song Carl ever produced by himself for the Beach Boys was I CAN HEAR MUSIC. Released on the 20/20 album in February 1969, then as a single in March of that year. The single eventually went to the #24 position in Billboard's Top 100. Carl had co-writing/co-producing credits on other songs, but this was his first solo effort.

Carl's resting place is Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California. If you are interested in seeing his grave marker, go to:

Carl was diagnosed with Cancer in December of 1996 (or so we have been told).

Carl´s funeral was Feb.10 1998 at 3pm, L.A. time
Even Elton John send flowers. Carl´s friend John Rogers spoke and gave the eulogy. Jerry Shilling and Gerry Beckley spoke as well.. Jonah and Justyn also said some very touching words. Brian cried a lot (Carnie: "he really let go"). A reception was held after upstairs in the church.

Last public performance:
Aug. 27, 1997 Resorts Superstar Theater, Atlantic City, NJ

Mount Vernon & Fairway 1997